Design Studio

Join Chris Holmes Jr. as he walks us through the quality build of the J-Craft 21ss.

Come along with PowerBoat Television’s Drew McMillin inside the J-Craft Studio to get an in-depth look at how the team is breathing new life into an old classic!

PowerBoat Television’s Drew McMillin test drives the all-new 2021 J-Craft 21SS.

Join Paul Roberts, P.Eng., design consultant¬†to J-Craft’s J21SS, as he talks about features and design considerations that make the J-Craft a leading-edge ski boat.

Topics include:

  • Wake Characteristics
  • Slalom Technique
  • Purpose-Driven Hull Design
  • Common Requirements of Skiers
  • Directional Control and Trackability
  • 4-Stroke Engine Impact
  • Speed Control
  • Skiing as a Lifelong Sport
  • Versatility for Drivers and Skiers of All Levels
  • Ideal Wake and Visibility


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