Custom Features

Click HERE to download a price list of the J-Craft’s custom features in PDF format.

Be sure to check out our standard features on our Standard Features page.

Extra Gadgets:

Cellphone Charging Nest
The J’s Nest safely houses and wirelessly charges your phone at the same time. Now you can keep your phone in a safe place charging onboard your J, tucked away, while you play!!!

Seastar Jackplate Lift Gauge
The Jackplate Lift Gauge allows you to know exactly where your jackplate is positioned, making it easy for the driver to monitor its height!
Dual Pro Trim Control
The Dual Pro Trim control allows you to change engine trim or Jackplate height without taking your hands off the wheel. This is a great feature for those who prefer to keep two hands on the wheel while driving.
Auto Meter Gauges (3″ and 5″)
Auto Meter Marine Gauges come in many different colors and two sizes: standard 3” size and monster 5” size. They also come in carbon fiber, chrome, silver, and White, providing a customized, high tech look and feel that sets your J apart.
Angled Gauge Bezels (3″ and 5″)
Angled Gauge Bezels, which come in many different colors, make the gauges more visible to the driver.

Fire Extinguisher & Bracket
A beautiful chrome fire extinguisher with a stainless-steel bracket, available in Red, Blue, Chrome, Black, Purple, or White.

Slimline 6” Pop-Up Cleat / Bling Bezel
The 6” Slimline cleat is thinner than our standard cleat making for a smaller surface area and also comes with color matched bezels, for a beautiful aesthetic against the J.
JBL Xtreme 3 Bluetooth Speaker Package
Includes two JBL Xtreme 3 kits, and two J-Speaker holders mounted inside the side lockers. JBL Xtreme 3’s can be linked together to create an amazing surround sound experience.
Seastar Power Assist Steering
Want even more comfort and ease while steering? Look no further than Seastar power assist steering, to give you the same easy feel you get from your car.
Seastar Pro Hydraulic Tilt Steering
The Seastar Pro Hydraulic Tilt Steering has all the benefits of our standard Pro 2.0 Helm with one added bonus. It can tilt vertically making steering even easier and more comfortable!
Additional Odyssey Battery
Add an extra 925 AGM Odyssey Battery to double your battery power and to always have a backup plan.
Windshield Deflector – J-Craft Custom
The new and improved J-Craft windshield not only creates a sleek, clean line but it actually keeps the wind out of your face while cruising down the lake. BONUS!


Custom Vessel License Number
Customize your license numbers with Liquid Doming which will match your J and the J-Craft logos on it.

Extra Badging / or Enlarging
You can add to or Enlarge the J-Craft Decals to make the boat more your own!

SeaDek Rear Deck
Add SeaDek on the stern of your J to help maneuver to and from the swim platform. This helps transition skiers and barefooters from the water to the J.

SeaDek Top Gunnels
Adding SeaDek to your gunnels decreases chances of slipping while getting into and out of your boat and increases grip for a swimmer coming into the J from either side. If you get a dark color there’s no need to worry about if it will be too hot, it dispels heat very quickly thanks to its closed-cell structure.

SeaDek Floor
As a superior alternative to marine carpet and traditional molded in non-skids, SeaDek is designed to withstand the conditions of the marine environment. Made from UV-resistant closed-cell PE/EVA foam, it absorbs water and provides exceptional traction when wet or dry. It’s absorbent qualities deliver maximum comfort on the water.


J-Boom Pylon

B.I Deluxe Training Boom
Great for beginners, the Barefoot International Training Boom is top of the line.
B.I Boom Height Adjuster
Tall or small it can be a boom for all, with the height adjuster it doesn’t matter your size, everyone can use your boom and be comfortable too. Includes a quick release pin for fast and easy transitioning.
B.I J-Pro X Tower
Elevate your tow point with the J-Pro X Tower, useful and beautiful this ski tower is amazing for all users! Made from stainless steel it is the most durable strong tower on the market. With six quick pin releases it’s simple and easy to attach and detach from your J!

B.I Tower Boom
The only boom that was designed to be mounted on any tubular tower. This boom is rock solid and can be stowed by pulling three quick release pins and detaching the cable system from the bow.

Ski Mirror
The CIPA Vision 180 Ski Mirror is the best Ski mirror for a J, with a wide view you can see everything behind you all the time, just make sure to watch what’s in front of you.

Rope Guard
Protect your motor and your rope, the rope guard does both and looks extremely slick at the stern of your J!

Swim Platforms – Stainless/SeaDek
The perfect solution for boarding your J from the water. Our custom swim platforms are durable, beautiful and most importantly efficient. Made from 316 Stainless Steel with a SeaDek base they are ideal for those who use their J-Craft to ski on a daily basis.
StarGazer Perfect Pass With 5” Gauge/Flat Bezel
The perfect cruise control, J-Craft is the FIRST boat manufacturer to apply Perfect Pass into an outboard engine. With an extremely small fluctuation at only .5MPH, this cruise control sets your J to an exact speed for skiing and barefooting. Adored by skiers, this is the best cruise control to up enhance your performance while on or off skis!

Upholstery & Covers:

J-Mooring Cover / Sunbrella
The J-Mooring Cover is the best option to protect your J from the elements, It’s impressive design keeps water from pooling on the flat surfaces of your J. A dry boat, every time!

Engine Cover / Sunbrella
Protect your engine with our Sunbrella Engine Cover, whether you have a 175HP or 150HP we custom make our covers which protect your engine from any harsh climate.

Front Seat Covers / Sunbrella
There’s nothing worse than sitting on a wet, dirty seat – protect your driver and passenger seats with our J-seat covers. Made to breath these covers will not disappoint!

Complete Tuck & Roll Seat Upgrade
J-Craft style just got a whole lot better! Upgrade all three of your seats to a beautiful tuck and roll pattern, a slick old school look for your J!

Tire Cover (Trailer)
Protect your spare tire from weather cracking. UV rays will break down your rubber and cause cracking, With a tire cover, that problem is solved, and it looks cool!


Phoenix Trailer
Tough, durable, and beautiful – the J-Trailer by Phoenix Trailer won’t only withstand weathering it will make everyone who sees it gaze in awe, unless of course they’re already looking at your J! Available with add-ons. Ask your dealer today!


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