Standard Features

Blueprinted Hull & Deck
Our Blue Printed Hull Design makes for a perfect hull every time. We eliminate the inconsistencies that are inevitable with handmade hulls. Our use of sophisticated CAD/CAM technology delivers the perfect, symmetrical hull every time.
Upholstery: Arctic White – Matching Accent Color Piping
Hand Laid Fiberglass Hull
We lay in the fiberglass by hand because this process builds strength, durability and a quality finish that is not possible with chopped fiberglass processes.
Slalom / Barefoot Hull
The J-21ss is by far the best slalom and barefooting boat on the market today. Its modified-hull design flattens and shapes the wake in a manner that skiers and barefooters love.
Foot Rest
The footrest in the J-21ss (also known as the Kick) is designed for driver comfort. Made of fiberglass, our kick is extremely durable and doubles as a wall, creating storage space at the bow of the boat.
Side Storage Lockers
Our research indicates that most skiers prefer to keep their skis out of the way but close at hand. In response we have created space-efficient storage lockers in the sides of the hull, allowing us to include extra support for a J-Pro X Tower to be installed instead.
Rub Rail – Stainless / Polished Aluminum Corner Caps
Our Stainless Steel Rub Rails protect the J from dock damage, It also blends well with our other stainless steel assets in the boat.
Pylon – Stainless Custom
We’ve incorporated our custom J-Pylon into our J’s for one simple reason: seamless integration. Our Pylons are designed to provide a consistent pull in combination with their placement in the J and corresponding shallow V shape of the J’s hull.
Bow Eye – Stainless 3.25”
Our bow eye is larger than most, making it easier to clip the boom on and off. Made from 316 stainless steel. Everything we do puts the user experience first.
Stern Eye – Stainless 2”
Made from 3/16” stainless steel our 2” stern eyes are corrosion resistant and made to last.
Double Keel Tracking Fin
Our double keel fin has been engineered to track a straight line under the duress of tournament water skiing and barefooting. These finds also allow the boat to carve out a precise, controlled turn at any speed; much like a high-performance sports car will do on a race track.
Drink Holders – 5 Stainless
Drink holders, located on the back seat are tucked away out of harm’s way, reserving side panel storage for the all-important skis and personal accessories that contribute to great days on the water.
The seats in our J-Crafts are bigger than past J-Crafts, for one simple reason: comfort. Our newly designed back seat is separated from the back cushion to the seat cushion making the stern of the boat easily accessible for additional storage.
Carpeting – Syntec Midnight Star
We use Midnight Star Syntec marine carpet, which isn’t just functional, it’s beautiful! Tough enough to withstand the rigors of boating not to mention natural elements like rain & sun without fading.
J-Gear Bag
We have incorporated a gear bag behind the back seat. Ruggedly designed mesh that breathes well, the bag is meant to secure anything you need including towels, ski ropes, life jackets, safety equipment and MUCH MORE!
Document Pouch
The J-Craft document pouch is the perfect place to store all of your J-Craft related documents, it allows for easy access and reduces the risk of lost documents.
Deck Cleats – 4 Stainless Pop-Up
The J-Craft boosts four Attwood stainless steel pop-up deck cleats on the boat for ease in docking. When the ropes aren’t in use the cleats slide back into the boat like they aren’t even there, not only convenient but also beautiful, strong, and durable.
Fuel Fills – Dual Stainless
Why dual fuel fills? The simple answer, convenience. It doesn’t matter what side you’re on to gas up the boat, no matter how busy the gas dock is you’ll always have a spot and will be able to get back to skiing faster!
Nav Lights – LED
Built right into our rub rail these lights keep cleanliness on the bow, and can be seen up to two nautical miles away and are, of course, coast guard approved!
Anchor Light – LED
This Attwood light is fully sealed, drawing as little as 1.8 watts on 12V systems, the lowest power draw of any 2-mile-all-round light on the market today.
Switch Panel
The Blue Sea Systems 8 Gang switch panel is, in our opinion, the best marine switch panel on the market. They come standard black but are also available in white or grey.
USB Port – Dual BlueSea 12V
Another Never-before-seen feature in the new J-Craft are Dual USB ports, because who doesn’t want the ability to charge their phone or speaker?
Interior Lighting LED
The interior lights on our 2021 model provide plenty of illumination to find what you need while boating at night, providing a beautiful aesthetic out on the water.
Auto Bilge – 1,000 GPH
We choose the Johnson 1000GPH Bilge Pump for automatic or manual operation; it is the standard bilge pump included in every J. This sealed electro-magnetic float switch that won’t jam on debris! It also has an easily accessible wing nut design to remove the impeller cartridge for quick cleaning if necessary.

Horn – Hidden / Stainless
Made from type 304 stainless steel, this horn is specifically made for harsh marine environments – which means it will definitely hold up in your J! Plus, it’s great for getting attention!

StarGazer Perfect Pass Prewired Harness
Don’t want to include the perfect pass but might want it later? With the pre wired harness you’re already halfway there. We’re always looking ahead for our customers!
Color Matched Bling
Color matching your bling to your boat is important. We found that most of our customers want this option.

  • 6″ Grab Handles – Centre Grab Handle
  • 2-1/16″ Gauge Bezel x3 – 3-3/8″ Gauge Bezel x2
  • Steering Hub – Ski Bar Bezel – Rigging Tube Bezel

Please note: This color matching does not include any custom colors, only J-Craft’s standard colors for the 2021 J-21ss model.

J-Craft Badging
Every boat comes standard with a 21ss logo on the passenger side dash, a 5″ J-Craft Logo on both gunwales, and a 16” J-Craft logo across the stern. #JCraftProud
12” Hydraulic Xtreme Jackplate With Rocker Switch
Capable of handling up to 400HP outboard engines, the Seastar Xtreme Jackplate is the latest in Seastar Jackplate evolution. Delivering advanced engineering through customer input. it’s the first choice Jackplate for any J.
Helm – Pro 2.0 Hydraulic w/Launch Steering Wheel
The Seastar Pro Helm is unrivaled in the driving sensibilities that it affords the driver, no matter how fast the boat is travelling. Having a hydraulic system makes the J feel even lighter than it already is, delivering effortless steering even at high speeds and tight turns. Not to mention that they are more resistant to corrosion than your average mechanical steering system.

Cylinder – Pro Front Mount
The Seastar Pro Steering Cylinder is an amazing match for the Pro Helm. Handling outboard motors up to 350HP, this, this low friction cylinder is the perfect match for any outboard application.

YAMAHA Aluminum Prop
Every J comes standard with a light weight M series aluminum prop. 17 Pitch for 150-175HP – 21 Pitch for 200-250HP. Aluminum props are the safest option for all of your boating needs.
YAMAHA 703 Control Box
The press has spoken! After numerous tests, the decision was unanimous – The 703 Control Box. This 10-pin, side mount control box is as smooth as they come when shifting and also includes a trim switch.
YAMAHA Pro Series Gauge Set
This sexy analogue gauge set includes a Speedometer, Tachometer, Fuel level, Battery Voltage, and Trim level. The speedometer reads up to 50MPH so you can better dial in your speed for consistent drag barefooting or slalom skiing.
Port Side Stainless Steel Swim Platform – With SeaDek


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